We Stand Behind Our Work


I Keenah Bond the legal owner of K.A.V.A.N.A INTENTION GAL.6:9 solemnly declare before everyone present and before all Heaven and Earth that I on this day willingly deed the ownership of this company over to the Almighty God, the creator of all things.

I believe that God, my heavenly Father desires that all things be reconciled back to Him through His Son Jesus Christ. As of today I acknowledge that God is the rightful owner of K.A.V.A.N.A INTENTION GAL.6:9 and I am merely His steward looking after His resources.

Therefore, I ask you God to forgive us and cleanse us by the blood of your Son Jesus Christ. Lord, I ask you to redeem K.A.V.A.N.A INTENTION GAL.6:9, all it’s assets and reputation so that it can be used to bring glory and honor to your name.

Lord, I desire to shine your light into this company and pledge to lead this company for Christ to the best of my ability. I will do everything in my capacity as CEO & FOUNDER to honor you in all the practices and dealings of K.A.V.A.N.A INTENTION GAL.6:9 I now dedicate K.A.V.A.N.A INTENTION GAL.6:9, all it’s assets to you for the advancement of your Kingdom.

Help me Lord to carry out all that I pledge to do, grant this place of business with your wisdom, truth favor, peace, success and prosperity. Lord I ask that all who come in contact with this business sense your sweet presence, power and love. In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Signed by:

Keenah Bond

Witnessed by:

Avant Bond

Anaya Bond

Anthony Bond

" I tried on my hat and loved it. I can't wait for my bad hair day so I can still look fab! "

La'Tonya Brown

" I received my hat all the way in Ghana 🇬🇭. The packaging was intact and so was the hat. I love it. The braids are neat and the hair is soft making it very light on the head. It's an easy wear for all occasions and for me in Africa, it protects me from the scorching sun always. Thank you Kavana Intension. You Rock!!! "

Awenebo Asante

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Shameka Chatmon

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Kemyatta Ortiz

" I got my grab and go! It is a time saver and it looks so beautiful on. Price was right! Love it."" Thanks Kavana Intention "


Myagentbond007 Real Estate Agent

" I appreciate speaking with the owner, she made the selection process enjoyable and simple. Her rates are quite affordable, and I can tell she put a lots of effort into this hat because it is made to last. Thank you Kavana Intention."

Carlene Bond-Adams

Wow!!!! I'm blown away at how convenient unique and stylish this wig hat is!!!!!!!!

" I ordered two for my girlfriend..... Wow!!! It's perfect for when my girlfriend run errands, and all of her unexpected house guests. Which gets on my nerves. Lol but anyway that's another story. The owner is so sweet and kind, she sent my girlfriend a beautiful thank you card and a complementary gift. I'll buy from her again and again without a doubt!!!!! Thanks again kavana intentions."

William B

The order for my sister came fast, faster than I expected.

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Easy, Convenient and Fun!!!

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Princess_bond 007

" I ordered a wig hat with braids and I absolutely love it! I’m looking forward to seeing the new autumn and winter collections. When the new hat line drops I'm going to order a few Grab N' Go winter hats for Thanksgiving and Christmas. May the Lord breathe on this business and continue to bless the work of her hands."

Prayer Warriors

Ade' Jenkins