The Best Care For Your Grab N' Go Wig Hat

Wash N' Go

step 1

Using a toothbrush or a small towel, clean HAT with warm water and oxiclean or mild laundry detergent.

step 2

Remove any knots, tangles, or lint from hair.

step 3

Fill sink or basin halfway with cold water, then add a quarter-sized amount of high-quality shampoo.

step 4

Submerge hair in cold or cool water by pressing down on strands. Gently dip up and down. Avoid getting hat wet; if necessary, wrap it with a plastic bag.

step 5

Gently rinse until shampoo runs clear. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the hair, as this could damage the Grab N' Go hair unit.

step 6

Gently squeeze excess water, apply high-quality conditioner.

step 7

After conditioning, wait two minutes before rinsing with cold or cool water.

step 8

Gently squeeze excess water out of hair, pulling or twisting should be avoided.

step 9

Hair should be air-dried, towel-dried, or blow-dried on a cool setting at owners discretion.

step 10

Add hair product of choice, style as desired. Wash every 6-8 wears.


3 Ways to Wear Your Hair Under a Wig

1 put your natural hair in a LOW bun

2 Cornrow your natural hair

3 no preperation required just Grab hat n' go

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